Friday, August 30, 2013

PogoPlug Airport Airplay Express Music Receiver

Thanks to user,delakota555, who replied to a recent Airplay post.  I went ahead and looked into Shairport. Shairport is an open source AirTunes emulator. It runs in Linux and I installed it on my hacked $15 ArchLinux PogoPlug.

OK, this is pretty awesome. I had a spare $3 USB sound card dongle lying around and in less than 15 minutes, I had an Airplay remote speaker set-up using a PogoPlug V4 I had lying around. Why is this awesome? $20 in parts and you have yourself a streaming Airplay iTunes receiver. You can buy a few of these and litter them around your house for remote speaker set-ups.

Pictured below is the V4 PogoPlug, a USB stick, the USB sound card, ethernet and voila, Airplay!

The Pogoplug instantly shows right up on my iPhone.

On iTunes, I can stream music to multiple speakers around the house. I think I'll be investing in some more $15 PogoPlugs shortly.

As you can see below, I can stream Airplay music to multiple Airplay devices including the PogoPlug. I love this. I love the ability to walk from room to room, floor to floor and hear the same music streamed throughout the entire house.

I followed this blog post for a pre-compiled binary and that was it.

Link: Shairport

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