Sunday, August 12, 2012

HP is a Class Act

On August 5th 2012, HP posted a price mistake on one of their Deskstop PC by accident.

Instead of receiving $120 off a computer, the computer itself in any configuration was $120.

Somehow, the system allowed you to build and customize a computer with all the trimmings (multiple SSDs, Nividia GT640 GPU, monitors) for a total price of $120. On top of that, you could stack coupons to bring it down to as low as $70. Basically, you could have built a $2,500 computer for less than $100.

Thousands of users flocked discounts sites to jump in on this deal.

Unfortunately, it was obviously a price mistake.

I had no question in my mind HP would cancel those orders. Price mistakes happen all the time and the vendor issues an apology.

However, HP does something better. They issued $200 coupon credits to use at their store. That makes them a class act. No other company would do this.

The funny thing is, many "slickdealers" who got these coupons are still complaining on message boards.

I was lucky to get a cancellation for the $120 PC and a $200 HP credit and got a nice freebie from HP. Many people got free blu-ray players, 23" monitors, Beats by Dre headphones, and free printers. And yet, they are still complaining they got cheated.

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