Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two of the nicest MCM Executive Office Chairs

This post is dedicated to those who want to outfit their home office with some swanky gear.

Here are two iconic MCM (MidCentury Modern) Executive chairs. Two of the expensive kind. Combined, you are looking at $5,000 for the set retail. $2,000 for the Knoll Charles Pollock on the left and $3000 for the Herman Miller Eames Softpad management chair.

These aren't your typical Aeron, Mirra, or modern equivalent ergonomic chairs so you can sit in your desk for 8 hour type chairs. These are made for the top tier executives and they're both my latest acquisitions. I would never have a plasticky, space-age looking ergo chair in my house. It would ruin the decor. These, chairs would look swanky.

Both are modern classics that have stood the test of time. The Eames Soft Pad was introduced in 1958 and the Pollock chair in 1965.

Unfortunately, these are bad photographs from my phone in front of my storage. My house is currently being renovated so I can't show you these chairs in better setting.  One chair will be in my den and the other in my bedroom office.

Of course, I would not pay $5,000 for the two. I got one at a major $1K discount and the other one is mint vintage that I scored for $250 off Craigslist. Guess which one was which. Both are authentic pieces as I do not deal in replicas of any sort. Both have luxurious Vicenza supple black leather. They both fit in any decor from traditional to ultra contemporary modern. They are over 40 years in design so they have stood the test of time. 

So which one?

I love the Eames. The Pollock is a great modern unknown chair with rich history. It is unknown by modern audiences but it is a great alternative to the "Eames."  The only chair I like better than these two is the Eames Time-Life Executive chair and that one goes for over 4K with Edelman all grain leather. That one is too rich for my blood. The Time-Life one is the one used by Don Draper in Mad Men. I would say the Pollock is closer to the Time-life in terms of "CEO" material than the SoftPad. The Softpad would be the top manager chair. Eames also comes in a lower price ($2k) ribbed model which is more of a Task chair than an executive chair. That one was also a consideration. So in order of food chain, I would rank them in this order: Eames Time-life, Pollock, Eames Soft-pad, Eames Aluminum Group Task.

There are countless knock-offs and replicas of the Eames that go for $350-500. The Pollock is replicated to a lesser extent with Steelcase "inspired" clones out there. Obviously, the Eames will always fetch a higher price tag and popularity. Here are a few things to look for when inspecting a piece. Check for tags and labels. If possible, the COA (Certificate of Authenticity) and receipts are important if you are buying vintage. Fake Eames usually have something off like an incomplete arm handles that do not make a full "D" while the Pollock clones have a different tufting and plating on the leg base.

Here are more professional photos:

I will probably post a fuller review later.

Links on where to buy::
Pollock Chair:

Eames Softpad


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    1. thanks for the comment but I don't do replicas.

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