Monday, August 11, 2014

HTC ONE (M8) . The little details that piss me off. Scratch lens.

The picture above is the back of my HTC ONE M8.The camera lens is fairly scratched up. Taking pictures with is unbearable and it is driving me nuts. I'm not an isolated incident and a simple Google search of "HTC ONE M8 scratch lens" reports this has effected a large number of users.

This is comically unacceptable. First, KitKat locks the SD card from 3rd party writes and now this. I'm reading about the so called "toothpaste" fix which is also unacceptable. I've done this on my watches and it tells me one thing, the lens is acrylic plastic if he it can be buffed out with a mild abrasive like toothpaste. It is these simple little things that is drawing me away to another phone. This is an absolute perfect example of why sapphire lenses should be used on cell phones like the iPhone 5S.

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