Monday, October 29, 2012

Nexus 4 thoughts

The Nexus 4 was announced today. I went over and looked to see if it was a worthwhile upgrade from my Verizon Galaxy Nexus (I carry two phones).

Looks like it  has some great specs and the off-contract is killer. Unfortunately, there are two glaring problems:

2) 16GB Max storage.

The Galaxy Nexus is my work phone on Verizon. There would be no way my employer would let me switch. No LTE in 2012 on a flagship device is ridiculous. I have LTE on  all my devices: Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 5,  iPad 3, and my Mi-Fi. There is no way I am going back. HSPA excuses are lame and I can't believe people are justifying it online.

The storage limitation is also whack. The argument is everything should be in the cloud.
Well, I do store all my music in the cloud. I use both Google Music and Apple's iTunes Match. I have about 400GB worth of music on iTunes and probably 20GB on Google's music service.

16GB is simply not enough. Look at my current usage below. On a 32GB Nexus, I only have 3.3 left. I have already gone past the 16GB marker. On my iPhone, I am using close to 40GB with no music files on it at all. The majority of my use are photos/home videos and PDFs. I am a father and take lots of photos. I tend to keep photos/videos on my devices because I tend to edit them later on.

The new Nexus 4 is a non-starter for me. I think there are many who would probably agree with me. The Nexus 4 is definitely not a 2012 flagship device.

Screenshot of my typical usage.


  1. Ummm the math on your gnex doesn't make any sense. How do you have 3 Gbs free when your only using 7 gigs with apps 2 gigs with music and one gig with videos... My assumption you photoshopped this. Very likely your just bashing the device.

    1. There is no math. That is what the storage setting in Jelly Bean shows.

      I would never photoshop something like this. You can download the file and check the EXIF data. I also added some more screenshots. The storage setting doesn't account for files in .nomedia directories and videos/photos outside the DCIM/Picture folders. E.G. I have miniVmac emulator and it doesn't show the usage for that.