Thursday, December 27, 2012

Most disappointing gadget: Logitech Revue Google TV

I got this last Christmas (2011), booted it up once, and quickly put it away in the closet.

This has to be the most useless device out there. It was such a major flop, Logitech embarrassingly admitted to have lost over $100 million in operating profits and quietly distance itself from this fiasco.

Who thought of releasing a smart tv device that couldn't stream Hulu or Netflix must be insane. Moreover, there is like zero apps for this thing. The only thing you can do with this is surf the web on a big screen. You can do that with a $60 MK802 USB stick that can run any ARM app from the Google Play store.

So here I am , cleaning out my closet and wondering what to do with this. It was a Christmas present so I just can't unload it on ebay or craigslist.

This thing runs an ATOM  1.2 ghz x86 processor so it should be good for running a low-level Linux distro, right?  Well, it turns out this POS has a locked bootloader.


  1. After few updates it now runs Netflix and some apps pretty well. Cheapcast app works as Chromecast. No Hulu, no Amazon video.

    1. I got it running Plex and Netflix but the power consumption was pretty bad compared to cheaper, alternative devices.