Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Look: Korean export 9 inch PoPad HDMI MHL portable display

Have you ever wanted to use your 10" tablet as a portable monitor? I have and always wondered why companies haven't implemented HDMI inputs in their devices. Well, today I have what could be the next best thing. It is a Korean export 1280x800 portable HDMI/MHL monitor in a 9/10" tablet form factor. This is a rare bird you won't see often in the US - the iTechKorea Popad 9" portable HDMI/MHL monitor. Below, you can see it charging and providing external display for my Galaxy Nexus from a single USB MHL cable.

It also supports HDMI which means it can be used as a portable extended display for your laptop or computer.

Like the GeChic 2501m I reviewed months ago, this has similar I/O. It has micro HDMI, MHL, and USB.  The MHL port also charges your phone while the micro USB port is used to charge the actual device.

The device is 240mm wide, 160 mm high, 12 mm thick. In comparison, the iPad 3/4  is 241.2 mm wide, 185.7mm high ands 9.4mm thick. The device is slightly narrower in height and girthier than the iPad. Here is a picture of it stacked on top of my iPad 3.

For now, this is a short first look. I will write a follow-up review when I have more time to play with it. 

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  1. Any idea where it can be purchased? It looks like a perfect fit for a project that I am working on. Thanks!