Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gadgets that are worth a second buy

You know a product is good is when you go out and buy it again. If I like something, I'll go out and get a second copy. One for the office and one for the home.

The two things I like right now is the Motorola Atrix LapDock (my review here) and Logitech 811/810 keyboard (review here).

I couldn't resist. The Atrix 4G Lapdock is a must have accessory for the tinkering gadget guy like myself. It is also cheap if you know where to look. They won't last long and I figure by next year, the inventory will dry up on these.  Here, I have three monitors connected to my laptop. Two of those external monitors are the Lapdocks using a simple HDMI converter. I know for a fact I'll find continual use for these.

I liked the feel of my new Logitech bluetooth K811 that I ended up getting another. This time, I got the Windows version, the K810. The difference is the darker grey finish and Windows keyboard layout instead of the mac layout on the K811. Both are identical in features.

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