Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Logitech introduces the K480 multi device bluetooth keyboard

Today, Logitech announces the new K480 keyboard. It is a bluetooth keyboard that allows you to pair up to 3 devices. This sounds exactly like the K810/K811 I reviewed a while back.

I guess the basic difference is this is $50 instead of $99. It also has a jog dial versus Fn keys. However, I still like the K810/811s due to the fact they glow at night with the illuminated keyboards. This doesn't appear to have illuminated keys. Oh, I forgot, this new K480 does have a slide in cradle to dock your phone and tablet. That is pretty cool except the green color doesn't suit me and I can do without the white version.

I'll probably pick one of these up as I always have a need for bluetooth keyboards.

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