Saturday, September 20, 2014

Macally Quick Switch Bluetooth Keyboard. Pair up to 5 devices. Connect to 6 total.

Here is an interesting keyboard. The MacAlly Quick Switch Keyboard. This is a full-size bluetooth keyboard that allows you to pair up to 5 devices in addition to a 6th USB device.

It was cheap and available on Amazon for $29. This is normally $70 but I was able to pick one up at Frys.

I've used multi-paired bluetooth keyboards like the Logitech K810/811 but none of them support 6 devices (5 Bluetooth and 1 USB).

Switching and pairing is pretty straightforward. There is a dedicated button to switch. The keys multi-labelled for Windows and Mac OS.

I really like the fact that it supports USB. So if y ou have a computer without bluetooth, it  connects via micro-USB cable. Unlike the Logitech K810, it is a full size keyboard with a numeric pad.  In addition, it comes with a small tablet fold-up stand. It uses standard AA batteries so there is nothing to recharge. 

Overall, I like the flexibility of multi-device connectivity. However, as a keyboard goes, it is a bit mushy. It doesn't have a good tactile feel or feedback. If you are quick typist, you're not going to like it. It just doesn't have the tactile feel of a Logitech or an Apple keyboard. But if you have multi-devices on your desk, this is well worth the $30 bucks. Let me repeat it again, this can connect to 6 devices total. I have two laptops, two phones, a desktop pc, and a tablet.

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