Saturday, June 2, 2012

1366x768 resolution must die.

1366×768 screen resolution now accounts for 19.28% of world wide web usage,  up from just 0.68% in May 2009. This is according to Stat Counter. This makes sense if you ever happen to stop inside a computer store.

This resolution needs to die. Seriously, it needs to go.

In my picture above, you have a 11" laptop and a 15.6" laptop both running the same awful resolution. It isn't so bad on the 11" and I would say it is appropriate for that screen size.  However, if you go into any Best Buy, Staples, or Office Depot, 95% of the laptops are running that resolution. You have 15" quad core i7 laptops with blu-ray running that resolution. All that power wasted on that screen space. The HP 15.6" pictured above is an example of that. On that 15.6 HP, everything is blurry and fuzzy. The extra screen size offers no real improvement. You get the same working space. Pictures and text look the same but just bigger.

I have a 13" Macbook Pro at 1280x800 which is no better. At least that extra 32 pixels of vertical resolution does make a small difference.

I'm not suggesting that everyone goes out and get a 900p or 1080p screen. I think manufactures need to step it up and offer higher resolutions on at least 14" and 15" screens.

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