Friday, June 1, 2012

Can't get enough storage

You can never get enough storage. Drives prices are getting back to normal and SSD prices are plummeting. I decided to get some Crucial M4s in 256 and 128GB varieties. Frys had a great discount Seagate Hybrid 7200 Momentus HDD/SSD cache drives so I got Best Buy to match those prices. I also got a mSATA drive for my new Thinkpad. I am thinking triple SSDs: internal 256GB Boot, 128GB in the ultrabay CD dock, and a mSata for swap/virtualmachines. Or I just do SSD boot and Momentus Hybrid drive in ultrabay.

After reading Storage Review's review of M4s in RAID 0, I may just try striping a RAID-0 with my two 128GB SSDs. Up to 900 megabytes a second!

It is like Christmas in Summer.

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