Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crazy Cheap Acer 11" Netbook / Laptop on Sale

I just ordered an 11.6" laptop for $129. Yep, $129. That is crazy.
Sure, it isn't a speed demon but $129. This would make a low power NAS, linux ultralight.

I saw my newsfeed flash a sale for an 11.6" notebook at $179. I went online to Best Buy and refreshed the page and it dropped to $129.99. This was around midnight on 2014-08-19. It sold out quick. It is an Acer Aspire 11.6" E3-111. The RAM is upgrade-able so I'll throw in an 8GB stick I have lying around.

It has a N2830 Celeron which isn't particularly fast but it has the same specs as the ASUS C200 Chromebook. It is completely fanless, so this should be very interesting.

I will update with a review once I get it.

Edit: This was legit. If it was a price mistake, Best Buy did honor the price and I picked it up.


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