Thursday, September 20, 2012

ESXI 5.0 Virtualization server with 6-cores and 32GB RAM for under $400

The Fujistsu MX130 small foot print server is getting a lot of love these days.
In fact, I love it so much I decided to get a second one when it went on sale again.

I just upgraded the memory to Mushkin Silverline 32GB for $122 when it went on sale at NewEgg.

Now, I have a great little ESXI 5 Hypervisor server for under $400 with 32GB of RAM.

$140 Fuji Server
$122 32GB of RAM
$120 6-core AMD FX-6100 CPU
$12  extra gigabit card
$394 total

I can run 20-40 Virtual Machines (depending on size and payload). Average LAMP VM are 256-512MB so if I only wanted to host Linux VPS, I think I can probably go as high as 50 LAMP VM.

I'll build my second MX130 whenever deals and bargains arises for components.


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  2. I have this same exact setup, was where I got most of my information from. I wanted to do the 8 core 8120 proc, but felt like I would sleep better at night staying within the manufactures specs for a 95w proc.

    I opted for a 2TB drive for 99, SIIG PCI sound card for 15. Other then those two things the rest of my setup is identical, even the same keyboard you are showing there. I even picked up the USB dongle as well, just dont have much use for it not running a raid configuration atm.

    Ultimately I am super happy with this setup. I dont think you can do much better, this is such a high quality build as well. Oh and 2012 Server runs like a dream on this puppy!