Friday, April 5, 2013

Drobo 5D update. Now with five 4 TB drives

I decided to upgrade my Drobo 5D; replacing all five 3TB Seagates with five new 4TB Seagates.

I now have 14.5 TB of real useable space; using  4 Terabyte drives. I offloaded my 4 month old 3TB drives into a cheap 4 bay eSATA RAID box. That right there is another 9TB to play with under RAID5.

Just a quick test with Black Magic Speed Test.

Restoring from backup isn't so bad. I'm sustaining and averaging 200 MB/sec from various external STAE129 Thunderbolt drives. This restore consists of mostly small text,photos, and source code files via rsync. The restore is also taking a few hours, so peaking at 200 MB/sec for that long of a period is very good in my book. 3TB worth of data takes about 7 hours or so to restore. I remember that use to take 1-2 days.


  1. Have you tried filling the Drobo with SSD's and testing it?

  2. No I haven't but I have thought about it. I'm currently satisfied and prefer the storage volume over speed.